'For Gods Sake'
Music Video | 2013

A boy journies into a cave where his imagination comes to life and learns to leave his mark On the world. A mix of film and custom interactive projections. We created projections that tracked the movement of the boy and projected around the cave through 12 projectors.

It was a tricky undertaking and difficult shoot to do especially around a boy and not having had a chance to test it out. 

Individualism – For God’s Sake.00_02_43_17.Still002
Individualism – For God’s Sake.00_05_29_24.Still006
Individualism – For God’s Sake.00_04_59_09.Still003
Individualism – For God’s Sake.00_05_15_05.Still004
Individualism – For God’s Sake.00_05_19_05.Still005


Direction: Max Italiaander
Production: Een Van De Jongens & Zesbaans
D.O.P: Thomas Jeninga
Editing: Mitchel Tan
Cave Programming: Eelke Feenstra
Music: Individualism
Year: 2013
Supported By: Mediafonds

Awards & Festivals

Winner Best Photography Berlin Music Video Awards 2013

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