Kuwait Calling
59 Productions
Live Show | 2020

Kuwait Calling is a unique dance show produced by 59 Productions, which incorporates projection mapping, real-time graphics, and dance. This groundbreaking production was created in collaboration with award-winning dance company Rambert and JACC in Kuwait.

As the Senior Video Designer for this show, I played a pivotal role in its concept and production realization, including art direction and animation. Given the use of new techniques, such as motion capture and Notch, a significant amount of research and development was required to ensure the show's success.



Creative Director: Max Italiaander
Director: Leo Warner
Choreographer: Benoit Swan Pouffer
Music: Paul Clark
Producer: Ollie Hester
Stage Designer: Jenny Melville
Lightning: Matt Daw
Animators: Felix Green, David Curtis, Nicol Scott, Tom Munday, Armin Kazlauskas, Jarek Radecki, Emily Howels
Production Company: 59 Productions, JACC Kuwait
Year: 2020

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