Falco Benz
La Féline Méscaline (Feat.Agnes Aokky)
Music Video | 2016

In search of love, a solitary feline character navigates the lush jungle of a warm and mystical tropical planet in the music video for Dutch synth artist Falco Benz, which I had the pleasure of directing. To bring this world and its characters to life, we teamed up with Parisian illustrator Victor Moatti. Working alongside a skilled team of animators at Circus Family, we were able to realize this self-initiated project with the support of the Dutch Government MediaFonds subsidy.



Direction/Animation: Max Italiaander
Artwork: Victor Moatti
Production Company: Circus Family
Producer: Marieke Konijn
Animation: Michel Wijdemans, Edwin Haverkamp, Hein LagerweijKars van GeenanRuben van Esterik, Simon Groot Kormelink
Music: Falco BenzAgnes Aokky
Label: Magnetron Music
Duration: 04:39
Year: 2016

Awards & Festivals

Vimeo Staff Pick November 2016
Holland Animation Festival 2017
Klik! Animation Festival Amsterdam 2017
Monstra Animation Festival 2017

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