Falco Benz
La Féline Méscaline (Feat.Agnes Aokky)
Music Video | 2016

On a warm mystical tropical planet, a lone feline character journeys through the jungle in search of love. A music video for Dutch synth artist Falco Benz.

In order to bring this video to life, we collaborated with Parisian based illustrator Victor Moatti, who drew up the world and characters of La Féline Méscaline. For the production, I contacted the fine people of Circus Family and worked together with a small team of talented animators. This project was self-initiated and funded through the Dutch Government MediaFonds subsidy.



Direction/Animation: Max Italiaander
Artwork: Victor Moatti
Production Company: Circus Family
Producer: Marieke Konijn
Animation: Michel Wijdemans, Edwin Haverkamp, Hein LagerweijKars van GeenanRuben van Esterik, Simon Groot Kormelink
Music: Falco BenzAgnes Aokky
Label: Magnetron Music
Duration: 04:39
Year: 2016

Awards & Festivals

Vimeo Staff Pick November 2016
Holland Animation Festival 2017
Klik! Animation Festival Amsterdam 2017
Monstra Animation Festival 2017

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