Events | 2022

In collaboration with Immersive and WhiteLabelLive, we directed a 120-second animated piece for the Inaugural Draft of LIV Golf Invitational held in London. The animated piece was designed to kick off the entire event and was displayed on the main LED screen, flanked by multiple screens to create an immersive and energetic experience.

Draft LIV Golf Invitational London.00_01_20_15.Still003
Draft LIV Golf Invitational London.00_00_32_16.Still001
Draft LIV Golf Invitational London.00_00_49_03.Still006
Draft LIV Golf Invitational London.00_01_37_02.Still004
Draft LIV Golf Invitational London.00_00_45_03.Still005


Creative Director: Max Italiaander
Production Company: Immersive
Client: WhiteLabelLive/LIV Golf
Animation: Simone Vulcano, Lee Robinson
Sound Design: Jude Greenaway
Duration: 01:54
Year: 2022

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