Mike Luck
Music Video | 2013

In this animated music video, I took the viewer on a 6 Am in the morning drive through a retro-future desert landscape. I was inspired by driving games graphics, keeping the style simple so that I can focus more on matching the mood of the track with the driving and landscapes.

Originally I wanted to put elements in the scene as flashbacks from the evening that appears as objects in the landscape. This clip did really well online, which came as a complete surprise at the time. Was great to see that it made some rounds on driving and animation blogs across the world. Including a post on Top Gear. A stereoscopic version was also made for an Animation festival in Amsterdam.



3D & Animation: Max Italiaander
Music: Mike Luck
Special thanks: Marco Aarts & Mitchel Tan
Label: BeYourself Music
Duration: 02:52
Year: 2013

Awards & Festivals

Vimeo Staff Pick March 2013
Klik! Animation Festival Amsterdam 2013
Gambar Idoep Group Exhibition Gallery Semarang 2013

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