Let It Go
Music Video | 2014

Let It Go
Music Video | 2014

For the lively track by Dutch Electro group NobodyBeatsTheDrum, I directed a music video where a man ditches his stressful work life for a wild adventure through Planet Tropicana. Collaborating with Rotterdam artist Levi Jacobs, we infused the video with his unique style and bold colors.

This Desperados-funded and Vice-co-produced clip was created on a tight deadline, so we opted for a simple animation style that still resonated with viewers. It ended up winning the Best Dutch Animation award at the Holland Animation Festival in 2015.



Direction/Animation: Max Italiaander
Illustration: Levi Jacobs
Animation: Hein Lagerweij, Tommy Friedrichs, Mitchel Tan
Music: NobodyBeatsTheDrum
Label: Nest Hq
Initiated by: Desperados & VICE
Duration: 03:02
Year: 2014

Awards & Festivals

Winner Dutch Grand Prix Holland Animation Festival 2015
Bradford Animation Festival Uk 2014
Monstra Animation Festival Portugal 2015
Animaldicoados Brazil  2015
Klik! Animation Festival Amsterdam 2015
Spark Animation Festival 2015
Animateka Slovenia 2015
Anima Festival Brussels 2016

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